Our Story

Feed the Hungry of Auburn was formed in 1992.  Throughout the last 30 years we have continued to grow our presence in the greater Auburn community and Placer County.  As we move into 2023, we continue to execute our plans of service and support for those most in need.

We originally joined the cadre of businesses and individuals that purchased 4H, FFA, and independent livestock project animals at the Gold Country Fair, Junior Livestock Auction.  Because we were very small, our participation that initial year was limited to bidding on just a few animals and resulted in the purchase of one hog the first year.  However, our premise was a bit different that most buyers.  After we purchased the hog, we teamed with Auburn’s Salvation Army Corps and donated all the meat from the hog to their food closet.  From that tiny mustard-seed beginning, we have grown to now purchase and donate dozens of animals each year that yield thousands of pounds of meat for hundreds of families throughout the area.  Included in that yield we also receive whole-animal donations from many generous auction participants.  But the most unique aspect of our model is how many organizations and individuals each dollar spent touches.

First and foremost, the youngster that successfully completed their project and met all the requirements for the auction process is rewarded by the cash purchase.  In many cases the profits will be used for future educational opportunities such as college or trade school.  From there the list touches many organizations and individuals:

- Our Gold Country Fairgrounds receives a small percentage of the proceeds
- Transportation receives payment for moving the animals to slaughter, then to final processing
- Our USDA Processor, Country Butcher, provides the cut and wrap services
- Then to our distribution to food closets, shelters and recovery missions
- And finally, to the hundreds of families that receive this meat that is vital to their food security.